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28 febbraio 2019

School architecture of the future in the new book published by Indire


In 2018, the new book published by Indire “The Classroom has Broken. Changing School Architecture in Europe and Across the World” was published in Italian and English and is downloadable for free in pdf.

The book proposes a reflection on the new models of school learning environments that are spreading in many countries in the world. The building model that has dominated the architecture of our schools for many years, based on rows of desks and corridors seems to be no more adequate to the technological tools, the didactic strategies, the competences and the objectives that characterise the most innovative learning environments.

This re-thinking process requires the overcoming of the classroom organisation as the only spatial reference point of everyday teaching and the starting of a series of new solutions and innovative models to design new learning environments and redefine the function of the classroom. In this framework, the manifesto “1+4 Educational spaces” drawn up by Indire in 2016 is confronting itself with solutions and models that are spreading today at international level.

The book was edited by Samuele Borri with a foreword by Alastair Blyth, ex OECD analyst who has long supported governments at international level in the designing and assessment of learning environments. It is a collection of a series of articles edited by national and international experts among which María Acaso, Jim Ayre, Harry Daniels, Wesley Imms, Jannie Jeppesen, Elena Mosa, Kaisa Nuikkinen, José Pacheco, Otto Seydel, Hau Ming Tse and indire’s reserchers Giuseppina Cannella and Leonardo Tosi.


>> Read the book “The Classroom has Broken. Changing School Architecture in Europe and Across the World” (pdf)


For further information: architetturescolastiche@indire.it



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