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11 aprile 2019

500 thousand Italian Erasmus students in three decades

The programme Erasmus + has hit a new record of students’ participation in mobility. There were more than 500 thousand Italian university students who studied or carried out a traineeship in Europe since the beginning of the programme in 1987.

The Italian participating institutes are also on the increase. They were 264 including online universities, artistic and musical advanced training institutions, advanced schools for cultural mediators and vocational secondary education institutes. Significant results were achieved also in the hospitality sector with the increase of the number of students coming from all over Europe. In 2018, about 27thousand foreign students chose our country as their destination for their Erasmus. This allowed Italian universities to advance one step in the European chart, placing themselves at the 4th place among the favourite destinations of students in study mobility, ahead of the UK and after Spain, Germany and France.



The most active universities

In the 2018 European ranking of the 10 best universities for Erasmus + students, Alma Mater Studiorum was in first place with 2,787 students, in fourth place there was the University of Padua (1,866 students), the fifth was La Sapienza in Rome (1,782) and the sixth was the University of Turin (1,412). Also with regard to hospitality, Alma Mater wins the leadership in the European ranking with 1,970 students arriving, followed by the universities of Valencia, Lisbon, Granada and Madrid.


The identikit of the Erasmus student

The Erasmus student is on average 23 years old, 25 if is a trainee. In 59% of the cases the student is female, a value that rises to 63% when the purpose of mobility is an internship in a company. Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Portugal are the countries with which more study exchanges take place, with an average stay of 6 months; students who do internships on average remain 3 and a half months. As for incoming students, the main countries of origin are Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Turkey.


Participation in the School and Adult Education areas

Important objectives have been achieved also in the school sector where over 13 thousand teachers have attended training courses in Europe in the last 5 years. There were 70 thousand Italian teachers enrolled in the community of eTwinning and over 2 thousand people engaged in Adult Education and training abroad, from 2014 to present. About 5 thousand people registered on the EPALE electronic platform for Adult Education specialists.