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10 maggio 2019

The Erasmus orchestra celebrates the values of Europe in Florence


On the occasion of the Festival of Europe 2019 and the three-days dedicated to the opportunities offered by the programme Erasmus+, on Wednesday 8 May in Florence, the Erasmus orchestra performed a lyric concert dedicated to the values of mobility and European cooperation.

«This orchestra is every time made up of new students-musicians having in common the passion for music and the Erasmus programme. Many different stories creating a single one, many different notes producing a single sound. Never as this year, the motto of the EU “United in diversity” is in tune with the common thread of our celebrations: the 130 Erasmus alumni are hare in these days in Florence and are also here now. They are young people, students and teachers who had a successful Erasmus experience and who want to network to contaminate of Europe people and institutions» Sara Pagliai, the coordinator of the Indire’s Erasmus+ programme declared at the opening of the evening.

The Erasmus orchestra, conducted since its first concert in 2017 by Maestro Elio Orciuolo is made up of  more than 50 students coming from conservatories and musical institutes from all over Italy.


L' Orchestra Erasmus al Festival d'Europa 2019