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20 maggio 2019

The numbers of Erasmus+ at the Festival of Europe


The just concluded Festival of Europe allowed to create many initiatives to work in synergy with Florence city council, the European University institute, Tuscany regional school office and Florence university. In particular, it provided the chance to involve many people in moments of discovery and deepening into the Erasmus+ programme and make many of its opportunities known through workshops, artistic performances and actions on the territory.

Many prestigious places in Florence have hosted this widespread event: from Piazza della Repubblica which hosted the Erasmus + Space from 7 to 9 May, to the Zeffirelli Museum Foundation which welcomed the networking works of the transnational seminar “Erasmus4ever Erasmus4future”, to the Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte, where the Erasmus Orchestra Concert was held, up to Palazzo Vecchio for the “United in Diversity” Conference, and schools, universities and associations that welcomed the delegations of #ErasmusAlumni ambassadors for a day.

This year, in the three Erasmus + days at the Festival of Europe, we have involved over 2,700 people.



  • 140 #ErasmusAlumni: teachers, educators, VET experts, European network managers, project managers, young people, students and representatives of European Erasmus+ National Agencies hosted in Florence during the transnational seminar organised in collaboration with the French National Agency, to take the first steps towards a European network of Erasmus + Alumni
  • 16 countries represented (including Italy)
  • 16 Erasmus + National Agencies
  • 50 musicians and 300 participants at the concert of the Erasmus Orchestra in the church of Santo Stefano al Ponte
  • 320 participants at the “United in Diversity” conference at Palazzo Vecchio.




The initiative represented the heart of all the activities and literally allowed us to bring Erasmus + to the city and meet more than 1200 people, including students and teachers from schools of all types and levels, students and university professors, adult learning operators etc.

The schools

  • School district Oltrarno: about 60 children and primary school teachers
  • School district Pestalozzi: about 70 primary school pupils and 80 secondary school students
  • School district Spinelli: about 50 primary school children and about 60 secondary school children
  • School district Botticelli: about 90 children
  • Peano Higher Education Institute: around 110 students of various classes
  • Liceo Machiavelli: about 90 students of various classes
  • Russell Newton Higher Education Institute: about 90 students and teachers
  • Gobetti Volta Higher Education Institute: about 120 students of various classes
  • Liceo Pascoli at the Cinema Stensen: around 120 students and teachers
  • Buontalenti Higher Education Institute: about 150 students
  • Cellini Higher Education Institute: about 60 students and teachers

The University

  • University of Florence: about 40 participants at the event dedicated to Jean Monnet’s 30 years of activity, also thanks to the collaboration with the European University Institute

Adult Education

  • Approximately 50 + 50 participants in the two lessons held at the Department of Education and Psychology at the University of Florence
  • 72 participants representing about 60 different associations and organisations involved in various ways in adult education at the “Erasmus4Curious” event, organised in collaboration with Impact Hub Florence

Erasmus + staff

  • About 45 people from the INDIRE’s Erasmus+ agency (representatives of programme management offices, communication units, Eurydice, eTwinning and Epale) contributed to the morning of visits to schools, starting with the coordinator Sara Pagliai who participated in the talks at Liceo Machiavelli. INAPP’s director, Ismene Tramontano, also intervened with her staff in two centres of education and vocational training.




From the ribbon cutting on May 7th in the presence of the Florence deputy Major, Cristina Giachi, the Erasmus+ space hosted over 700 people who participated in the artistic performances and the proposed workshops, to then conclude on May 9th, on Europe Day, with acrobatic performances and dances in the square until late in the evening around the large letters of the installation “I LOVE ERASMUS”. Here are some numbers that give an idea of ​​people’s participation in the Erasmus space:

7 May

  • About 50 participants at the “Non-formal and surprising event: the Epale workshop and aperitif”, a networking aperitif to learn about the adult learning community, followed by the performance of the Erasmus Orchestra wind instruments.


8 May

  • about 60 people at the Cooking show organised by the Saffi institute in Florence
  • 70 participants in “Europe of languages. European Language Label “


9 May

  • Approximately 60 participants in the “Discover eTwinning” workshop
  • About 200 people present during the performance of acrobatics and dances by the Institute “Nebbia” of Loreto (AN)
  • 20 participants from various countries at the Erasmus+ Speed ​​date, thanks to the collaboration with Erasmus Student Network Florentia
  • About 180 people during the European dances in the square and for the DJ set.



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