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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


5 giugno 2019

Enrolment for Fair Didacta 2019 has opened


Enrolment for fair Didacta 2019, the largest event dedicated to school education, has opened. The event scheduled in Florence from 9 to 11 October is included by the Miur in the multiannual plan for teacher training and has 150 events in its scientific programme: 76 immersive workshops, 53 seminars, 10 conferences, 10 events taking place in the “school of the future”.

The programme is coordinated by Indire and includes the most relevant Italian and international realities in the educational and training sectors.

The scientific programme is organised into different types of activities and conceived to offer the opportunity to participate to all infant, primary and secondary school teachers.


Activities format

  • Immersive workshops
    These are actives characterised by a strong laboratorial aspect of a duration of about 3 hours taking place in  especially equipped rooms in the tree fair pavilions. Some immersive workshops relating to the professional hospitality sector take place in the spaces provided by “IPSSEOA” Buontalenti of Florence.
    A course certificate will be released upon completion of the course.
    Online booking is necessary.
  • Seminary activities
    These are activities of presentation and discussion of themes and experiences of a duration of about two hours taking place in the rooms of Palazzina Lorenese. For some seminars, in days preceding the beginning of the event participants will be sent materials on the issues covered.
    An attendance certificate will be released at completion of the course.
    Online booking is necessary.
  • School of the future
    The “school of the future will take place in the “le Ghiaie” pavilion, a structure inside the da Basso fortress set up by Indire and entirely dedicated to innovation of the Italian school system. These are two paths proposed by Indire on new learning environments for school model innovation, one for primary school and another for secondary school. Each path is carried out within environments designed following the 1+4 educational spaces manifesto, proposed by Indire, where innovative teaching methods integrated with furnishings, environments and technologies supporting the activities are used. Teachers have the opportunity to experiment the learning path of curricular subjects or just visit the innovative environments. Participants who experiment the paths are involved just like students and have the opportunity to interact with Indire’s teacher/trainer. The focus of the training is not on contents but on the link between new technologies and learning environments. For this reason teachers can participate regardless of the subject they teach. The aim is to valorise direct experience, creating an integration between the learning environments, furnishings, technologies and innovative methods. Trainees will receive materials of the learning path in the days preceding the event. The themes, that are just applicative examples, will be revealed before the beginning of the event.
    A certificate of attendance will be released at the end of the path.
    Online booking is necessary.
  • Debate
    These are activities taking place from 11 to 1 pm and from 3pm to 5pm in the three days of the fair. Visitors can audience debates organised by students of the school that adopted this proposal.
    No certificate will be released upon course completion.
    Attendance is free and doesn’t require registration.
  • Conferences
    These are activities on the innovation of the school model that offer in-depths on the concepts of space, language, contents and competences. The conferences are held by relators and speakers of national and international relevance (simultaneous translation is foreseen).
    No certificate will be released upon course completion.
    Attendance is free but registration is required.


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