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17 giugno 2019

Didactics of history: the virtual exhibitions of the Indire digital collection at the third conference AIPH

From 24 to 28 June, “Invitation to history” the third conference of the Italian association of public history (AIPH) is scheduled to take place at the “Vanvitelli” university of Caserta and Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

Sixty-five panels, five round tables, twenty posters, more than two-hundred speakers among teachers, schools and universities, historians, journalists and cultural operators coming from all-over Europe to explain how history should be conceived as a public asset in constant dialogue with the society that produces it.

Among the many scheduled events, as far as research activities carried out by Indire are concerned, we highlight the panel AIPH48 dedicated to didactics of history (Caserta, department of Political sciences, Thursday 27, h 2:30-4:00 pm room 7, first floor). In this context, Pamela Giorgi and Irene Zoppi will present  Digital Collection Indire, a collection of virtual exhibitions made up of digitalised freely available documents selected from the archival funds of the institute.

The virtual exhibitions currently available online in the digital collection are:

  • No-one excluded” an historical photographic pathway that began in 1977 with law 517 that abolished special schools and classes starting the long path towards inclusion;
  • Education is the complementation of souls“, a virtual gallery of historical photos coming from the archive of the pedagogist Giuseppe Lombardo Radice;
  • Indire and the ‘66 flood“, a collection of children drawings, photos and documents telling the damages provoked by the 1966 Florence’s flood;
  • Before and after ’68“, a small photo exhibition highlighting all that has been done after the 60’s student movement broke out;
  • Eighty years after Fascist racial laws“, a thematic and chronological path tracing the main steps of one of the most dramatic times in contemporary Italian history;
  • 100 images of school books“, the images of the book collection of the antique fund of Florence’s national museum of school (XVI-XVIII centuries).


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