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19 giugno 2019

“Cittaslow Education” the meeting of slow municipalities to promote eTwinning didactics

As part of the general assembly of the Cittaslow International network on Thursday 20 June in Orvieto there will be the international seminar on the relation between the world of school and the principles and values of Cittaslow, the movement born in 1999 in Italy with the aim of extending the slow food philosophy to local communities and cities’ administrations by applying the concepts of enogastronomy to daily life. The municipalities adhering to the association are currently more than 250 in 30 countries in the world.

The meeting titled “Cittaslow Education” will be participated in by Cittaslow’s administrators, technicians, teachers and head teachers with good practice exchange and planning of shared activates.

Cittaslow International is one of the international organisations formally friends of eTwinning. At European level the Orvieto’s event sees in fact the collaboration of the Indire’s national unit besides that of the school district “Orvieto-Montecchio”.

The eTwining community is going to have a special session in the plenary meeting with the general presentation of the action and a special reference to the relationship developed by the eTwinning schools and local communities of isolated rural areas. eTwinning is in fact an effective tool for the development of activities of cooperation and dialogue between the most peripheral realities of Europe and not only, making the most of the potentials offered by new technologies by favouring didactics open to intercultural dialogue and the exchange of experiences, professionalities and competencies.


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