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27 giugno 2019

The Erasmus programme at “Corri la Vita” 2019

Giovanni Di Fede, CdA Indire, alla conferenza stampa di presentazione di “Corri la vita”

The next 29 September the Indire’s national agency Erasmus+ participates in “Corri la vita” the non-competitive sport event taking place in Florence that since 2003 has been collecting funds for an important cause: the fight against breast cancer.

The run goes along two paths of about 6,2 and 11 km and was conceived as a cultural and sportive moment but mainly as a moment of social responsibility. Over more than 15 years, the evet experienced an exponential growth, providing a concreate support on the Florentine territory to an unfortunately still much diffuse problem.

“Corri la vita” is close to the values of inclusion and solidarity shared by the Erasmus programme and represents an important occasion to create a stronger bond between the world of sport and that of education.

Thanks to the participation in the event an ideal bridge between EU countries united by shared sport values will be created. These values are: challenge oneself, be part of a group, overcome one’s own limits and realise your dreams. Indeed, on that same day the Erasmus+ marathons organised at the same time by the Polish agency Erasmus+ will be run.

On the marathon day, in Florence, an info point, open to everyone who wants to know the opportunities offered by the Erasmus programme with materials and programme’s contents will be set up.

Moreover, the Erasmus prize, a reward for the best students or ex-students taking part in the run was established with the support of the organisers.


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