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11 luglio 2019

The project “Gender school” teachers at the forefront to combat gender-related violence

In 2015 in Italy, the Presidency of the Council of Ministries adopted the “extraordinary programme against sexual violence and gender-related violence” aiming to educate to equal opportunities and respect of differences, overcome stereotypes on the social role of women and men, promote respect of gender, cultural, religious, and sexual identity, and respect of others’ opinions and economical and social status, through information and training of the school community.

In this action framework, Indire and the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministries have recently started a fruitful collaboration that brought to the birth of a new project, diffused on the entire national territory, that aims to introduce into schools two very current and interconnected themes: gender equal opportunities and combating violence.

The initiative goes under the title “Gender school – facing up to gender-related violence” and foresees a first phase, starting next 18 September, the starting of a national plan for teacher and school staff training on a dedicated online environment, full of lessons and materials that are always available for enrolees. Indeed, the training model, realised by Indire, in collaboration with IUL online university, provides the opportunity to access didactic contents (lessons, videos, podcasts, study materials, thematic forums, etc.) from anywhere and at any time, and foresees the constant assistance of teachers and qualified tutors.

Online training represents only the first step of a wider educational programme conceived to help teachers to bring into the classroom a new “gender approach” capable to build non-discriminatory relationships between boys and girls, raise students’ awareness about anticipating and preventing contrasts, overcome stereotypes, respect differences and strengthen awareness about the different aspects of which equal opportunities culture is made of.

The project, divided into different stages, will continue in the successive moths with an articulated combination of didactic communication, education and training, and socio-cultural Sensibilisation; with an expected impact on students of all ages on the entire national territory. Besides online training, Indire is going to take care of the realisation of a portal entirely dedicated to these themes.

The plan for online education and training – free and accessible to everyone – will start next 18 September 2019.

Enrolment is already open and will be available until 18 September 2019. You just have to read the enrolment guide and register on the platform https://gomp.iuline.it


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