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26 luglio 2019

The call for paper for the international conference Fablearn Italy 2019 has opened

New deadline for submission of works: 17 September

Fablearn Italy is the international conference entirely dedicated to the link between making, educational robotics and didactics, taking place in Ancona from 20 to 22 November. It is a meeting place for experts, teachers, researchers and professionals of the sector to discuss and reflect together on new learning models proposed by digital fabrication and robotics.

The activities connected to technological bricolage are in fact able to potentiate the development of logical-mathematical, scientific, and linguistic competences and most importantly to give rise to meta-competences and soft-skills. The working style responsabilise the student and places him/her at the centre of his/her learning path: he/she learns to programme his/her actions for objectives, to collaborate and work in a team, strengthening his/her problem-solving capacity, intervening with a firm proposal whenever the final product doesn’t conform to the initial project.

Fablearn Italy is part of the activities of the worldwide network Fablearn and is organised by Indire and Marche Polytechnic University.

Until 17 September, teachers educators, researchers and professionals are invited to submit their contributions in the form of a short-paper or poster, concerning these themes:

  • Maker space and FabLab at school: the maker approach to teaching and learning;
  • Laboratory teaching with maker approach: models, methods and tools;
  • Curricular and extracurricular robotics in formal, non-formal and informal education;
  • Social and assisted robotics for learning;
  • Innovative spaces and environments for learning at school: how the environment effects didactic renovation.

An international scientific committee is going to select the products that will be presented at the event and later published for open access on the international database, Scopus. A side event of the conference will be the March Drone week, an event on technology of drones addressed to students of upper secondary schools.

Participation in Fablearn Italy is free but online registration is required.


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Participate in the call for paper (new deadline for submission of works: 17 September)


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