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8 agosto 2019

Vulnerable groups’ inclusion is August and September Epale’s focus

There is a new invitation to contribute to the great themes of adult education on the Epale European platform. After the appointment of June/July, August and September’s focus is on social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

In the last ten years, “vulnerable adults”, those risking social exclusion or marginalisation for their life conditions or because they went through a period of significant difficulty, have increased in number. Among the aspects influencing the condition of social vulnerability there are for example economic conditions, but other cases at risk are adults with health and learning difficulties; early school leavers; members of ethnic minorities, homeless people, prisoners, refugees and migrants.

Epale launches an open invitation to share on the platform projects, articles and experiences offering an opportunity for inclusion initiatives for vulnerable targets.

It is possible to contribute to the focus and publish contents by accessing Epale with one’s own credentials and choosing “Social Inclusion” and “learning barriers” in the metadata to categorise contents. The articles published will be then included in September 2019 Epale European newsletter, sent to all subscribers.


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