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10 settembre 2019

European opportunities for adult education. The Erasmus+/ Epale and FierIDA Workshops

The Indire’s Erasmus+ agency and the Epale unit organise on 26 September in Siena as part of FierIDA, a workshop of information and training to sustain the international dimension of adult education (9:30 am – 1pm, foreigners university of Siena, lecture hall – Piazzale Carlo Rosselli 27/28).

FierIDA represents the most important annual appointment for teachers, head teachers, researchers and for all those working in adult formal education.

Alberto Benvenuti and Martina Iacopetti of the national agency Erasmus+ will present the opportunities of the programme for the adult education sector. With Barbara Tosi, Erasmus + evaluator, we’ll go into details of European planning with concreate suggestions to draw up a good application. Lorenza Venturi, Martina Blasi and Daniela Ermini will present the tools available for the enrolees of the Epale European platform and will go through the initiatives promoted by the Epale Italian unit for the enhancement of the educational provision in this sector. To conclude, Alessandra Ceccherelli will talk about how to effectively communicate the projects through the platform and the social media channels.

The Epale ambassadors will be present at the event to stir reflection on the theme of the enhancement of transversal competences through the resources available in Epale. The final intervention of Marianna Capo, researcher at the university Federico II of Naples will present some recent experimentations.


See the programme of the workshop Erasmus+/Epale >>