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12 settembre 2019

Digital education at school in Europe, the new report of the Eurydice network

Even if the European educational systems include digital education in their school curricula and promote the use of technologies for pedagogical purposes, it is necessary to question whether and to what extent they fulfil the aim of effectively prepare the new generations for digital environments.

The new Eurydice’s report “Digital Education at School in Europe” pivots around this very current question (the summary, “Eurydice Brief Digital Education at School in Europe” containing only the main results of the report is also available).

The publication which covers the primary and secondary cycle of the school year 2018-19 offers a comparative overlook of national strategies and politics of digital education at school in 38 European countries participating in Erasmus+.

The report, divided in 4 chapters, deals with as many aspects of digital education:

  • school curricula and learning outcomes
  • development of teachers’ digital skills
  • assessment of students’ digital skills and use of digital technologies to assess students
  • national strategies and policies on digital education at school

The publication aims to offer decision makers, researchers and the entire educational community comparative information on the current school policies of digital education at school, while the annexes add information – specific to each country – on school curricula, teachers’ competences reference frameworks, and higher level strategies that support schools in this area.


The report “Digital Education at School in Europe” >>

Summary of the report >>


What is Eurydice?
Eurydice is the European network which collects, updates, analyses and disseminates information on policies, structure and organisation of the European educational systems. Created in 1980 on the initiative of the European Commission, the network consists of a European Unit based in Brussels and some National Units. Since 1985, the Italian National Unit has been based at Indire.


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