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4 ottobre 2019

Teachers’ and School Heads’ Salaries and Allowances in Europe in the new Eurydice report

The complexity and variety of competences required from teachers continue to be a challenge for all the educational systems: how to attract talented graduates to this profession and motivate them to stay in it? Salary and other factors, such as career development, working conditions, and professional recognition are definitely important aspects to incentive motivation towards this profession.

On the occasion of the world teachers’ day, the Eurydice network, publishes, as usual, the report on teachers’ and school heads’ salaries in Europe.

The publication analyses the salaries of teachers and heads in state primary and secondary schools in 42 educational systems and refers to 2017/18. It also shows main statutory salary variations in the las three years and compares the actual average salaries (including allowances and additional earnings) with the GDP pro capita and other graduates’ earnings. Finally, the report includes, national summary sheets about teachers and heads in each educational system. An in-depth about the publication can be found at this page.


Read the report “Teachers’ and School Heads’ Salaries and Allowances in Europe 2017/18”  >>


What is Eurydice?
Eurydice is the European network which collects, updates, analyses and disseminates information on policies, structure and organisation of the European educational systems. Created in 1980 on the initiative of the European Commission, the network consists of a European Unit based in Brussels and some National Units. Since 1985, the Italian National Unit has been based at Indire.


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