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28 ottobre 2019

The international conference “Clil, learning technologies, innovation” on 20th November in Viterbo

On 20 November the conference  “Clil, learning technologies, innovation” is going to take place in Viterbo.

The event is promoted by Tuscia university in collaboration with IUL Italian university, Indire and CLIL-ReN, the international network of research on CLIL, coordinated by Russell Cross (Melbourne University), Ana Llinares (autonomous university of Madrid) and Letizia Cinganotto (Indire).

The conference will be entirely dedicated to CLIL, the now diffused didactic method foreseeing the teaching of a foreign language embedded in a non-linguistic subject (for example history in English, and maths in French). Promoted by the EU commission as a method for plurilingualism and a means to improve the quality of school curricula – the CLIL has become compulsory in Italy since 2010 in the 5th year of licei and technical institutes and starting from the third year of high schools specialising in languages.

The call for papers of CLIL-ReN Symposium that is going to take place within the conference received numerous contributions and will be moderated by Ana Llinares and Letizia Cinganotto.

The event is free. Participants will be issued an attendance certificate valid as in-service training. In order to participate it is necessary to register and fill in the enrolment form until 5 November.


The programme of the event >>

Enrolment is open! >>


Giulia Felici, IUL