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8 novembre 2019

Key competences development, the conference of the European commission in Brussels

Translation by Giulia Lombardo

From 12 to 13 November Brussels hosts the conference “Learning approaches and environments in school education”, the event organised by the European commission during which didactic methods and learning environments supporting the development of key competences at school will be discussed.

Key competences is a crucial theme of the European Education Area: in order to become citizens who play a full part in society and in the labour market it is necessary to master, besides basic reading, calculation and writing skills also a combination of knowledge, abilities and attitudes such as entrepreneurship, languages, critical thinking, digitalisation, the ability to adapt to  an ever-changing context (the 8 key competences for personal development, employability, active citizenship and social inclusion are set by council recommendation of 22 May 2018).

Policy makers, and stakeholders related to school policies and experts, among which the researcher Letizia Ciganotto, are going to discuss different didactic approaches and the most suitable learning environments to sustain the development of these competences along the entire school education path. The final objective of the event is to deploy a series of concreate political actions that scaled at national level could introduce the most innovative environments and didactic methods in the schools of all Europe.

Participation is upon invitation but further information on the programme, the speakers and the themes of the workshops can be found on the webpage of the event.


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