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11 novembre 2019

From 2 to 8 December a week of events dedicated to small schools

From Monday 2 to Sunday 8 December, Indire organises in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica the Small Schools’ Week, an event entirely dedicated to schools operating in isolated and outlying areas such as islands, mountain and internal areas characterised by a low number of students.

Indire has dedicated a multiannual project to these special school realities that in our country are almost 9,000. A national movement stemmed out of this project including at present more than 200 schools.

The Rome’s event aims at being the occasion to return the results of the indire’s project to the political, scholastic and scientific community, while at the same time dealing with the theme of small schools from multiple perspectives, pondering its varieties for innovation and development.


The Small Schools’ Week is organised into:

  • International conference “Community of memory, community of future. The value of a small school”, 2/3 December (Guest Room)
    The event is organised into two plenary sessions and small working groups. In the afternoon of 2 December the works of the plenary session will start with international organisations that are going to present experiences and case studies. The discussion is about interventions than can be resumed and combined to guarantee educational quality on the territories, where small schools operate. To follow, small working groups aimed at identifying directives and action plans to tackle isolation, school-territory connection, didactic innovation and network partnerships are foreseen. In the morning of 3 December, the Indire’s researchers will start the plenary session presenting what emerged in the work group and providing a personal contribution to the discussion deriving from multiannual research. To conclude experts of the MIUR, the conference of regions and the Agency for social cohesion will discuss the importance of small schools in Italy.
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  • Exhibition “Borders. The adventure of education in outlying areas”, 2/8 December (Foyer Sinopoli)
    The setup of the exhibition guides the public in understanding the small school in a diachronic perspective. The exhibition project runs through the themes of the national unification process, mass alphabetisation and rural world in 1861 to the post-war period (1950’s) told through the historical photos of Indire.
    Free entrance


  • Class activities, 3-7 December (Foyer Sinopoli) – Every day h 11am-1 pm and 2pm-5pm
    In the space dedicate to the exhibition the classes accompanied by teachers and Indire researchers will be involved in gaming/educational activities that will favour understanding of the small school’s identity and the link between tradition and innovation.
    Booking of  gaming/educational activities for classes >>


  • Erasmus orchestra concert, 5 December 7 pm (sala Petrassi)
    The Erasmus concert represents a moment for connection and incitement towards the values of inclusion, twinning activities and connection between Italian and European schools.
    Further information and registration for the concert >>


Programme of the Small Schools’ Week >>