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15 novembre 2019

The territorial networks to tackle adults’ educational poverty. Epale seminar in Bologna

The seminar “Overcoming adults’ educational poverty though the creation of territorial networks” (Palazzo Malvezzi, orario 9.30-17, via Zamboni, 13) is scheduled in Bologna on Monday 9 December.

Thanks to the contribution of more than 70 experts of regions, municipalities, centres for adult education, the third sector, universities, training agencies and centres for employment, the role of territorial networks for lifelong learning, and the supporting structures for adult learning will be deepen. These networks ensure the support to the creation of pathways of formal non formal al informal learning, the recognition of ECT credits, certification of competences and use of orienteering services during the entire life span.

The seminar is carried out by the Italian Epale Unit. Participation is free but registration is compulsory and subject to availability.


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