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19 novembre 2019

eTwinning 2019 quality label, record number of Italian teachers awarded

Italian teachers confirm themselves as the best, regarding the quality of the eTwinning projects. This data emerges from the evaluation for the granting of the eTwinning 2019 quality label undertaken these days by the community.

The European and national quality labels are official recognitions respectively issued, by the European unit and by the national eTwinning unit, to the projects carried out in the preceding school year which met the quality requirements, on the basis of quality evaluation criteria shared at European level.


2019 European quality labels

At European level, there were 629 quality labels issued to 496 Italian eTwinning teachers (more than 10% of the total of the awards granted all over Europe). The projects awarded the quality label can submit their participation to the 2020 European awards until 25 November.

European quality label awarded projects


2019 National quality labels

In 2019, the eTwinning national unit certified the quality of 1,033 eTwinning projects. They were 1,072 last year (1,022 in 2017, 637 in 2016, 319 in 2,015 and 264 in 2014). The number of submitted projects (1,511) is in line with those of 2018 and 2017 (there were 750 in 2016, 400 in 2015 and 340 in 2014), with a success rate exceeding 70%. A progressive growth that confirms not only a quantitative, but also and above all, a qualitative increase of eTwinning activities carried out in Italian schools.

National quality label awarded projects