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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


21 novembre 2019

Educational Avant-garde, the movement hits 1,000 joining schools

Educational Avant-garde reaches the millstone of 1,000 schools joining the movement. The network continues to grow day by day since it was created in November 2014 on the initiative of Indire and a group of 22 Italian schools.

The movement of the Educational Avant-garde was created with the aim to identify, spread and standardise practices and educational models already in use or experimented, allowing the adhering schools to start a path of transformation of didactic organisation, time tables and places of schooling. The schools experiment one or more of the 18 ideas of the gallery for innovation, a place where experiences tested directly in Italian schools and subject to continuous research by Indire are collected together. Therefore, Innovation is implemented through practices and educational models coming from schools and are transferable and sustainable in other contexts.

To date, the thousand schools that have joined the Movement are divided as follows: 262 are in the North, 234 in the Centre and 504 in the South and on the islands; 341 are city schools and 659 are from the province; of these 577 belong to the 1st school cycle (primary and secondary schools) and 423 to the 2nd cycle (secondary schools).