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5 dicembre 2019

EUN launches two new free courses on ethics of science and shared school leadership

Enrolment is open for two new online courses for teachers promoted by European schoolnet (EUN). The first, “The Three Rs and Animal Use in Science” is going to start next 13 January and deals with the theme of animal experimentation and the scientific method; the second, “Learning Leadership for Change: Shared Leadership in Your School”, is going to start on 13 February and is dedicated to strategies of shared leadership to bring about school innovation and change.


“The Three Rs and Animal Use in Science” (13 Jannuary – 19 February 2020)

The 3Rs giving name to the course 3R is the acronym of Replacement (replacing animal experimentation with alternative models and methods, when possible), Reduction (reducing the number of animals used to the minimum number) and Refinement (continuous improvement of the experimental methods in use, in order to achieve maximum reduction of animal suffering). The EU is committed to reduce and in the next future to completely replace the use of animals in science. In order to achieve this, new scientists and open minded people are needed. The course, open to all  those interested, but in particular to biology teachers, aims to help teachers to integrate in the  school curriculum, reflections on animal experimentation, animals’ wellbeing, ethics of science and careers in this sector; while at the same time, enhancing the development of critical and creative thinking. The course, structured in 4 modules (Animal welfare and science; Human-based science; Critical thinking; Your own 3R’s learning scenario) is going to start on 13 January 2020. The workload is about 25 hours.

Enrolment is open on the course webpage >>



Learning Leadership for Change: Shared Leadership in Your School” (3 February – 11 March 2020)

Improving students’ learning is not possible without the interaction between teachers, parents and students. Leadership based on a shared vision plays a crucial role for the development and innovation of the entire school institution and is probably the key to bring about the real change we want to see in schools. This course helps to promote school leadership networks and evaluate the different aspects characterising it, besides promoting various strategies to implement it. The pathway is made out of 4 modules: Shared Leadership – What is It All About?; Shared Leadership in a School Contex; Teacher Leaders and Sharing Leaders; Our Shared Leadership Action Plan. The time amount required is about 20 hours.

Info & enrolment on this webpage >>