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6 dicembre 2019

The Spring conference ATEE 2020 in Florence. The call for papers has opened!

The university of Florence is going to host from 20 to 22 May the Spring Conference ATEE 2020, dedicated to Social justice, media and technology in teacher education.

The 2020 conference hosted for the first time in Florence aims to reflect also from an historical point of view on the role of digital technology and media in teachers’ training, providing some background to the relationship between technology, media and education, in light of the recent increase of social inequality. From this point of view the conference will focus on new challenges and the increasing needs of educational systems to face up to the issue from a critical perspective and commit to overcome inequality of access, participation and learning outcomes, social exclusion and discrimination.

Indire is part of the scientific committee of the conference. The call for papers is open until 15 January and focuses on three themes:

  • Media education and digitalization of multicultural schools;
  • Decomodification of digital school in teachers’ training;
  • Digital technology and equality for more inclusive teaching.

ATEE – Association for Teacher Education in Europe is an European non-profit organisation aiming to improve the quality of teacher training in Europe and sustain professional development of educators at all levels of education.


Send the abstract of the spring conference ATEE (deadline: 15/1/2020) >>