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20 dicembre 2019

Educational networks to combat adult educational poverty. The new date of the Epale’s seminar in Bologna

The 30th of January is the new date of the Epale’s interregional seminar “ Overcoming educational poverty of adult population through the creation of territorial networks”. The event, originally scheduled for last 9 December, didn’t take place because of a swarm of earthquakes in the Mugello area and the consequent interruption of railway traffic in the central part of Italy.

The appointment is for Thursday 30 from 9:30am to 5pm in the council room of Palazzo Malvezzi (via Zamboni 13) with more than 70 experts of regions, municipalities, provincial centres for adult education, third sector, universities, training agencies, and job centres to deepen the role of the territorial networks for lifelong learning, the support structures assigned to take charge of adults as provided for by law in 2012.

These networks include the overall services for education, training and work connected to the strategies for economic growth, youths’ access to work, welfare reform, active aging, and exertion of active citizenship also by migrants. The territorial networks ensure support to the creation of paths of formal, non-formal and informal learning, the recognition of ECTS credits, the certification of learnings, however acquired, and the fruition of orienteering services along the entire life-span. The development of these aspects is supported by universities, companies, commerce chambers, the industrial and craftsmanship sectors, and also job centres, social partners and local bodies.

The seminar is carried out by the Epale Italian unit in collaboration with the international forum of third sector, EdaForum and the metropolitan city of Bologna.

Participation is free of charge upon registration on a first come first served basis. Participants will be provided with a buffet lunch.

Warning! Also those who had already registers for 9 December will have to register again until 27 January.


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