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14 gennaio 2020

2020 will be for eTwinning the year of climate change and environmental challenges

The eTwinning network is active on raising awareness on the effects of climate change and environmental challenges. This will be the annul theme of the community and it will lead initiatives and activities at European level in all the counties adhering to the action. This initiative is in line with what made explicit in the European Green Deal, especially regarding the role of schools: Schools, training institutions and universities are in the best position to interact with students, parents and a larger community on the changes needed for a successful transition.

The students of today are the future adults that will be affected by the actual climate change. For this reason, for the eTwinning community is crucial to start, already in the class, to raise substantial awareness guiding everyday actions of young generations and make them aware of the risks connected with the failure to safeguard the environment in view of shared behavioural sustainability.

During 2020, the aim of the community will be to support this process, trying to make teachers and students more sensitive to the themes by promoting the creation of new collaborative projects oriented towards developing sustainable habits. These collaborations in joint action with the exchange of experiences, approaches and results will provide teachers information and knowledge necessary to reflect in class on climate change and its implications in a direct and effective way, causing a cascade effect in enhancing awareness in the community.

Start now working in class on the theme of eTwining 2020 with the project kit Let Us Green Again” and “Take Action for the Future”!