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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


21 gennaio 2020

Record number of eTwinning projects activated in Italian schools in 2019

Italian schools are confirmed as among the most active in Europe in terms of participation, results and recognitions, inside the eTwinning community. In 2019, there was a constant increase in the number of Italian teachers registered with 11,124 new registrations. Italy is currently the second country for the number of eTwinning teachers registered (among the 36 counties adhering to the action there is only Turkey), with a total of 78.945 registrations (more than 10% of the about 770 thousand in all Europe).

Moreover, Italian statistics hit another record high of new collaboration projects activated by our teachers in a year with eTwinning: 4,592 (+ 15% compared to the 2018 result). Italy has reached a total of about 28,445 projects activated since 2005, confirming itself as the third eTwinning country after Turkey and Poland.


The most active regions

As far as teachers’ presence recorded at local level, in 2019 the regions with more participation were Campania, Lombardy, Sicily and Lazio. As regarding the number of projects activated during the year, the first place goes to Sicily with 844 new collaborations, followed by Puglia and Lombardy.


eTwinning national data 2005/2019


Italian teachers’ partner countries

Spain, Turkey and France were the most chosen countries by Italian eTwinners for the activation of collaboration projects (about 45% of the 2019 projects have been activated with these partner countries).


Awards and recognitions

In 2019, the national eTwinning Unit certified the quality of 1,033 eTwinning projects, compared to 1,072 last year, 1,022 in 2017, 637 in 2,016, 319 in 2015 and 264 in 2014.

The number of candidate projects (1,511) is in line with the 2018 and 2017 records, with a success rate exceeding 70%. A progressive growth that confirms an increase of the eTwinning activity in schools in Italy not only in quantity, but also and above all in quality.


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