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20 febbraio 2020

Enrolment has opened for Teacher Academy free course on Formative assessment

Enrolment for “Formative Assessment in Practice – Shaping Student Learning”, has opened. The first course activated in 2020 by School Education Gateway’s Teacher Academy is starting on 16th March.

The theme of this free course open to all teachers is Formative Assessment that is that process allowing the understanding of what has been learned, what still has to be consolidated and how to further improve learning, through goals shared with the students. Differently from summative assessment that verifies with a mark or a brief attainment report if and at what level results have been achieved, summative assessment gives the advantage of tracing students’ progress advancement and at the same time the general effectiveness of the teaching-learning process, so as to allow didactic adaptation.

The subject is very current as is strictly related to the teacher’s contemporary role that is very different form the past: today the teacher is increasingly a “learning coach” able to ignite students’ motivation and make them become “lifelong learners”, that is future adults willing to continue learning for the rest of their lives. Therefore, the teacher’s function requires a series of new abilities: from continuous interaction with students and listening and understanding students’ educational needs to finding strategies to enhance each one’s attitudes and talents.

Formative Assessment is one of the tools to develop these new professional competences: Formative Assessment allows shaping student learning by implementing changes in view of increased attention to personal ways of building knowledge.

The course is in English language and addressed to all teachers (regardless of teaching experience) and to teachers preparing for entry into the profession. Activities have a duration of about 4-5 weeks with a weekly commitment of about 3 hours.

Materials on formative assessment and a series of tools and ideas to prepare formative assessment-based lessons will be at participants’ disposal. By following the three modules of the course, participants will delve into the differences between formative and summative assessment and will discover how to integrate formative assessment in their teaching from a theoretical and practical perspective thanks to concrete examples, discussion and interaction with the other course participants. An attendance certificate will be released at course completion.


Enrolment is open! Course starts on 16 March >>


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