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26 febbraio 2020

The contrast to gender-based violence enters in class with the website genderschool.it

Are you a teacher interested in bringing into the class education to equality, respect of gender-based differences and contrast to gender-based violence?

The website genderschool.it is rich of materials, regulatory frameworks and documents useful to integrate into didactics a new gender-based approach, centred around the creation of non-discriminatory relationships between boys and girls and on conflict prevention, valorisation of differences, overcoming stereotypes, promotion of respect and cultural, religious and sexual diversity.

The website is part of the project Gender School – Facing up to gender-related violence, born out of the collaboration between Indire and the department for Equal opportunities of the Presidency of the Council of Ministries. The aim of the project is to form teachers and, as a cascade effect, students attending the first two years of upper secondary schools in Italy. The two themes of the training are very current and intertwined: gender equality and contrast to violence. The initiative focused at first on a national plan for teachers’ training that was carried out in the online environment created by Indire in collaboration with IUL online university and then the publication of the portal gathering and providing to everyone, in and easily accessible manner, contents and useful suggestions for teaching (and not only).


Visit the gender school website >>