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6 marzo 2020

Discovery STEM 2020: the European initiative to incentive the study of scientific disciplines comes back

2020 STEM Discovery Campaign is a joint international initiative organised by Scientix, that invites organisations, libraries, universities and schools in all Europe and in the world to celebrate the professions and studies in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and maths).

The slogan of this year’s campaign is “innovative trends of education”, the main objective of this year’s campaign is that of making known and valorising the efforts that teachers and all those interested in scientific education make every day in their profession to involve students in educational activities and promote STEM subjects.

From February to April 2020, with a peak of activities during the 20-26 April week, educators and researchers in the scientific area will have the opportunity to participate in the campaign and celebrate STEM activities by adhering also to the different competitions that will be carried out during the initiative.

The partners who will decide to participate in the initiative are invited to share their activities and promote the initiative on their communication and social websites (the hashtag of the initiative is #SDC20).


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