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26 marzo 2020

EPALE focus: Digital skills as a way of accessing learning opportunities

EPALE’s thematic focus from April to June is on Digital skills as a way of accessing learning opportunities

Society is becoming increasingly digitalised and inter-connected. The pervasiveness of the digital realm is affecting the ways in which people access services, how they live, work and use their voices and how they contribute to society. The need to develop a better digital education is closely linked to participation in society. In order to prosper in a labour market which is becoming increasingly digitalised, people need sound digital skills, job-specific skills and the motivation to cope with change and to engage in continuous learning.

Life-long learning opportunities, which are becoming increasingly available online, are essential both for low-skilled workers, and for those looking for continuous advanced training. In fact, many platforms provide learning opportunities and tools. However, both learners and learning providers continue to experience barriers to accessing them due to a lack of adequate digital skills.

Furthermore, digital skills are becoming increasingly important for ensuring access to essential services  during emergency situations such as the one we are currently facing with the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak.

So, which digital skills will be essential over the coming years? How should educators develop the necessary knowledge and methods to support learners effectively through this transformation? How can training providers modify or expand their CVs in order to meet this growing demand for digital know-how?

Take part in this debate and share your expertise. Get involved in sharing knowledge and points of view!
Have you been or are you currently involved in interesting projects dealing with digital skills as a means of accessing new learning opportunities? Share your know-how and perspective with the EPALE community!

On 21 May 2020 you will also have the possibility to join our online discussion on Digital skills as a way of accessing learning opportunities.


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