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26 marzo 2020

Mars calling Earth! From 4 May the new free course of European Schoolnet Academy

Space missions can be the perfect means to trigger students’ interest in astronomy and science. But how can they be brought into the class?

European Schoolnet Academy has just opened enrolment for “Schools Tune Into Mars”, a new free course starting on 4 May.

The idea is that of accompanying teachers in a path that starting with the official data of NASA mission “InSight” could make the study of scientific disciplines more compelling and the concepts of astronomy and aerospace research more easily understandable to students.

Thanks to the results provided by the robot probe that is analysing the depths of the red planet, the course will provide participants with a series of information and tools, useful for a didactic use of the missions on mars, and to help understand how these operations are strictly related to the comprehension of life on planet Earth.

There are 4 modules: the importance of the missions on Mars for life on Earth (starting 4 May); use of real mission data (11 May); experiments relating to Mars (18 May); and development of students’ critical thinking capacity (25 May).

The course is in English, is open to everyone and is addressed, in particular, to teachers of scientific subjects of secondary schools. 

In order to participate, it is necessary to create an account on European Schoolnet Academy (if not already in possession) and register to the course. The weekly commitment is 2-3 hours. Upon conclusion of the activities, by 10 June, participants will be issued a digital certificate. The project “Schools Tune into Mars (STIM)” is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme.


“Schools Tune Into Mars”: enrolment is open >>