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31 marzo 2020

Covid-19 emergency: further updates on the EU Commission’s provisions

Students who had to interrupt their mobility and returned to their home counties can continue Erasmus mobility online, maintain their Erasmus bursary and participate to online didactic activities offered by their hosting institutions, in line with their Erasmus learning agreement and approved by their home institutions. ECTS credits can be also acquired online. However, home institutions are responsible for the formal recognition of credits and activities. 

What is more, the duration of newly graduates mobility has been extended for those who had to postpone the mobility programme they had been granted: they’ll have 18 months (instead of 12) since graduation to carry out their mobility.

To ease access to all support channels, also through students’ networks, we remind you the students’ associations operating in support of Erasmus students for the covid-19 emergency and we publish the video realised by the Erasmus Student Network with an important message for all Erasmus students.



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