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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


2 aprile 2020

Let’s bring research to schools 

The best contributions of Italian public research are online on the Indire’s platform.

Science and research for schools: physics and astrophysics, spaces, environment, nature, technology, maths, human and social sciences, innovation and energy saving – and all that can be included in the definition of scientific research – are available for teachers and students using distance learning in this period, and also for the families who are supporting them. This initiative stems out of the efforts of all the Italian public research institutions that lined up together to gather more than 250 videos and interactive contents in one single platform.

Materials are constantly updated and include the best divulgation productions of the world of research, organised by themes, tags, and institutions, that become not only didactic and insight tools but also an incentive to broaden knowledge horizons. 


Visit the page with the contents provided by Italian public research institutions >>