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6 aprile 2020

eTwinning projects within the same school, a temporary form of collaboration for the Covid-19 emergency, is born

During the Covid-19 emergency, the eTwinning central unit allows, on an exceptional basis, all teachers registered in the community to create eTwinning projects within the same school, that is, projects whose members are teachers working in the same school.

This opportunity is granted to allow teachers of the community to exploit the collaborative tools offered by the platform, also without other school partners, therefore having at their disposal a support for distance learning and students’ involvement. 

The creation of eTwinning projects within the same school will be possible only for limited time, linked to the duration of the health emergency, and the consequent suspension of face to face classes. 

Differently from ordinary eTwinning activities, this new type won’t be eligible for the granting of eTwinning quality labels nor for national and European labels and won’t give the opportunity to invite Italian or foreign colleagues from other schools. 

This new work opportunity ads to the previous types of collaboration already active in eTwinning: the national projects, that is, those carried out by teachers of different schools but in the same country, and the European projects, carried out by teachers in different countries, both aimed at the internationalisation of schools and didactics.   

The process for the creation of an eTwinning project within the same school is the same as that of “normal” national or European eTwinning projects. 


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