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7 aprile 2020

“After the Storm – Shaping the Future with iCLIL”. On Monday 27 April the webinar cured by David Marsh, creator of the CLIL method

On Monday 27 April, IUL online university organises the free webinar “After the Storm – Shaping the Future with iCLIL”.

The online seminar will be carried out in English by professor David Marsh, expert of the development of quality processes in EMI – English as a Medium of Instruction. The webinar is going to show how technology-enhanced curricula can make a special contribution to CLIL. Drawing inspiration from some projects carried out in Brazil and Finland, Marsh will start a reflection on the latest developments in the CLIL sector, describing its effects on teachers and students. 

In order to register, it is necessary to fill out the form.  After filling out the form, the user will receive confirmation of the registration.

For further information: segreteria.webinar@iuline.it


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