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8 aprile 2020

Maker@school for Italy: from today 3D printing files and instructions to assemble protective visors for doctors and nurses

One week was enough for the small group of Indre researchers, dealing with didactics and 3D printers, to expand the solidarity project “Maker@school for Italy”, linked to the new Coronavirus emergency.

In just a few days, Indire 3D Print Squad, the group made up of Luca Bassani, Gianmarco Bei, Lorenzo CalistriAlessandro Ferrini, Lorenzo Guasti and Gabriele Pieraccini, designed and produced with 3D printers an increasing number of protective visors (some have already been delivered) for doctors and nurses deployed in the Covid-19 wards of some Hospitals in Tuscany.

“We divided the work in two phases. At first, we designed, printed and tested very simple protective visors which were ergonomic and reasonably safe to be immediately delivered to the staff in need. At the same time, we also contacted doctors working in the Covid-19 wards and according to their suggestions we created a second type of visor, which is more functional and safer”, Lorenzo Guasti explains. 

Researchers are satisfied with this new type of visor and are making it available for the entire community, in full accordance with the makers’ philosophy of shared knowledge. From today, the printing and cutting files of the visor and the instructions for the assembling of the new model are available on the webpage of the initiative. Therefore, also other institutions will be able to produce these facial protective screens and deliver them to national health centres. 

The visors are not certified by specialised centres but are useful tools to face up to the emergency due to the lack of protective equipment.  

Schools holding 3D printers that are willing to join this initiative can write to visori-covid19@indire.it to receive further information. 


See the page “Maker@Scuola for Italy” >>


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