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27 aprile 2020

Erasmus+ grows despite lockdown 

60% increase in applications compared to last year

The Erasmus+ programme doesn’t stop and despite the health emergency adapts to the actual situation and goes on also thanks to the digital tools for distance European cooperation. Now that people mobility is very limited, Erasmus+ draws on the results obtained in more than 30 years of existence, to explore new paths and build networks with the actors involved. There are many initiatives in place in schools, universities and in the adult education centres: from virtual mobility to remote project meetings, to online training for teachers and school staff. A significant data comes from the last deadlines for school projects submission, where there was a 60% increase in applications compared to last year. 

“The data emerging from the last call of the school sector is unexpected. Despite difficulties, due to the emergency, there are many schools that submitted their applications. This was because there is the desire to look forwards. The relationships are built thanks to the projects, mobilities already carried out, and Erasmus+ partnerships. Networking capacity, good practices exchange, solidarity and a broader view on a larger context overcome the borders to extend our sense of European belonging” Sara Pagliai, coordinator of the Indire’s national agency Erasmus+ declared.

To this regard, also the two European communities Erasmus+, eTwinning for schools and Epale for adult education are valuable tools of the programme, carrying out a significant role in support of cooperation and the sharing of good practices, didactic materials and reflections. Thanks to their function and the resources they provide, in the last weeks the registered users multiplied: +2.300 (more than 300% compared to 2019) Italian teachers registered in the electronic platform eTwinning since the beginning of the lockdown and more than 500 new Epale platform users.