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5 maggio 2020

Saturday 23 may an entire day dedicated to STEM subjects

On Saturday 23 May from 10 am to 5 pm the international STEM Awards 2020 will be celebrated. This is a web marathon of meetings, stories, interviews and webinar dedicated to boys and girls, families and teachers of schools of all types and levels who are curious and passionate about STEM. 

The event will be the occasion to award young talents from 7 to 25 years of age who distinguished themselves with projects and innovative technological solutions for the problems of our time and with a view towards the future. 

The programme of the International STEM Awards 2020 is full of activities for a varied public.

Teachers will have the opportunity to follow webinars, a workshop dedicated to schools of all types and levels on themes of online teaching, such as, the teaching of STEM subjects, soft skills, promotion of designing and entrepreneurship skills, inclusion and much more. There will be also a webinar on IDeAL method, carried out by the Indire researchers, Jessica Niewint and Massimiliano Naldini, who are going to present this educational approach designed for the production of physical and virtual objects. 

Secondary school and University students will have the chance to challenge themselves through gamification on recruiting, or listening to the voice of young entrepreneurs and start-ups members, telling their professional paths. 

STEM lovers will have the opportunity to listen to world-known speakers talking about Space, Neurosciences and AI. 


See the programme and register for the event >>