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28 maggio 2020

Towards Erasmus 2021-2027. The Call for proposals for accreditation in the fields of adult education, vocational education and training, and school education has been published

The future of Erasmus starts today with the first step to access the new opportunities of the programme 2021-2027: the Call for proposals for accreditation of the mobility projects published today in the EU official journal. 

Erasmus accreditation is addressed to:

  • Schools of all types and level
  • Institutions and organisations for adult education
  • Institutions and organisations for vocational education and training (VET)

The accreditation for the higher education and professional training sectors has already been in place for some time (with the ECHE chart and the VET Mobility chart), but it represents an important novelty for schools and adult education.


What is it?

The Erasmus accreditation can be compared to a chart to become effective members of the future activities of the key action 1 for international mobility of staff, VET students, adult learners, and students in long-term study mobility.

It is sufficient to be accredited just once as an institution to be entitled to submit a funding request in support of the mobility activities of the next 7 years of the programme, starting from 2021. 


How to submit the proposal

Proposals are manged by the national agencies. In Italy, as it is with the Erasmus + programme, they are organised as follows:

  • The school and adult education sectors are managed by the INDIRE’s national agency Erasmus+
  • The vocational education and training sector is managed by INAPP’s national agency Erasmus+


Info and helpdesk: 


All information is available on the website of the European commission.

The deadline is 29 October 2020 at 12 pm.