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3 giugno 2020

Developing multilingual competences online

Many language teachers have already embraced the advantages offered by online resources to enhance language learning. Now, when most learning is taking place outside classrooms, is a good time to report on some recent developments in this field.


Digital and online tools

School Education Gateway has already reported how Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) can be supported by technology.

Language learning is also one of the main benefits of eTwinning: check out their recent updates in response to the shift to distance learning, with examples from schools, online events and professional development opportunities.

The Council of Europe recently published a “treasure chest” of resources for learners, parents and teachers in times of confinement.

Specifically for learners with a migrant background, who may be struggling with the language of schooling, is the Studi/Binogi methodology, one of the case studies of innovative practices presented in the new NESET report The future of language education in Europe.


European survey on language teaching and learning

We would love to hear about language teaching and learning in your school and about your experiences with distance learning. Please take part in this new survey developed by INDIRE in collaboration with the European Commission by 10 July 2020.

The results will be shared in a report and used to support the implementation of the Council Recommendation on a comprehensive approach to the teaching and learning of languages.


Celebrating young translators online

Another opportunity to encounter successful language teaching is offered through the yearly Juvenes Translatores award ceremony, concluding the yearly EU-wide translation competition among schools. This year it was held entirely online, with fascinating speeches by three of the young winners (more on the competition can be found here).


Take part in the European survey!


Photo by Clarissa Watson su Unsplash.