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10 luglio 2020

Science education, the first publication of the STE(A)M IT project is online

The “Integrated STEM Teaching State of play”, available online, paves the way for the development of the first integrated European framework for science education.

The European project STE(A)M IT, launched at the end of last year, aims at promoting science education through multiple actions. On one hand, the initiative aims to raise students’ awareness about career opportunities in the technological/scientific sector also through a school network of consultants for orienteering; on the other, it provides teachers with strategies, tools and activities to make the study of these disciplines more engaging and interdisciplinary. The final aim of the initiative, coordinated by European school net, is to affect the development of national curricula and create the first integrated European framework for science education.

The first publication of the project “Integrated STEM Teaching State of play” is born out of this framework. The book is already available online and provides an overview of the existing research and documentation about science education. The report that aims to pave the way for the development of the first STE(A)M integrated educational framework presents detailed results of the survey carried out among the stakeholders (teachers, education ministries, companies’ partners) highlighting opportunities and challenges of STEM education.

Among the issues dealt with, the definition of integrated education of scientific subjects, the tight relationship between great issues of our time (environment, economy, innovation) and science, objectives and tools deployed by the project and some practical examples for teaching activities in the classroom.

The volume is the result of collaboration with STEAMonEdu, NHL Stenden University of Applied Science, International STEM Awards, CHOICE, Learn STEM, Let’s Talk Science, Scientix, STEM Alliance, Texas Instruments and Lego Education.

The STE (A) M IT project is coordinated by EUN in partnership with Indire, IUL online university, the Ministry of Science and Education of the Croatian Republic, the General Directorate of Portuguese Education and the University of Cyprus and is supported by European ministries of education and companies, in collaboration with Scientix & Stemalliance.


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