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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


28 luglio 2020

The first number of IUL research, the university’s scientific magazine promoting research on innovation is online

The first number of IUL Research is online. The scientific magazine of IUL online university aims at providing in-depths, exchange and confrontation on innovation and research.

This open access magazine is directed by Giovanni Biondi, president of Indire and member of IUL academic senate and is available online at www.iulresearch.it. It collects in six-monthly thematic dossiers the best contributions on the topic of cutting-edge teaching, thus actively participating in the debate for the innovation of education systems.

IUL Research is an editorial initiative open to the scientific community through public calls at national and international level.

The first issue of IUL Research is focused on “The conditions and results of innovation in training models” and includes scientific contributions, in English or Italian, on the topic of new teaching and learning methodologies: the opportunities offered by ICT and digital languages to support new ways of teaching, learning and evaluating; the renewal of spaces and architecture; and emerging technologies in education.

“The birth of IUL Research – states Giovanni Biondi, Director of the magazine – marks a decisive step for the scientific growth of the University. The magazine intends to encourage the dialogue between different disciplines towards a common goal, that of research and innovation in teaching. The scope and variety of its scientific committee guarantees the quality of the project which collects the adhesion of key figures from the national and international cultural scene. In addition to the representatives of the academic world, in fact, there are international bodies and organizations such as OECD and EUN.”

Among the objectives that animate the IUL Research editorial project there is the idea of ​​making known and disseminating the results of theoretical and field research that answer questions that can add concrete elements of novelty on the educational front. Furthermore, with the launch of the magazine, the University intends to increase and strengthen its scientific role at national and international level, with partnerships in the field of didactics and research and applications in national and European competitive areas.

The magazine will propose two public calls each year, which can be accessed through the website www.iulresearch.iuline.it.

For more information: DSU.redazione@iuline.it


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