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2 novembre 2020

“The school at home” the documentary that narrates teachers’ and students’ lockdown experience

What happened to school education during the lockdown?

The documentary “The school at home” directed by Roberto Ronchi and Mara Corradi and produced by Immagica film, in collaboration with Video Farm, tells about the educational and human experience of a state primary school in the Bovisa district, in the outskirts of Milan.

A school that searched for a way to face up to the drama of closure and isolation with collaboration, understanding and dialogue. Having lost its physical space and being disseminated in households, the school community has found its reason to exist and has become a reference point. The story unfolds through a series of interviews of children, parents, teachers and school personnel: 25 people who wanted to testify about their experiences. Themes such as integration, social inclusion and the relationship between education and public health emerge from their words.

The story starts last February with the incredulity towards the events which led to the pandemic, it continues with the acknowledgment of all the difficulties, the actions taken and the implementation of distance learning, to reach the only possible “salvation” through collaboration. The school becomes a small example of society, and the home becomes the new space were education is welcomed. The film doesn’t enter the controversial them of the reopening of schools but focuses on a concrete case, telling the story of those who have carried out didactics and education day by day in spite of limits and difficulties. Teachers, school staff and families found a way to continue schooling and be a community inside the walls of their homes.

This film aims at being a small survival manual of what has been defined the war of our time, the Coronavirus pandemic, but also the many small and big daily battles. Now that we have discovered ourselves more fragile and weaker, seeing that school education can resist and find new ways to express itself and enter into people’s houses, leaves a message of great hope.


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