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12 novembre 2020

Music as a tool for knowledge. Enrolment for the online conference has opened

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The Indire’s national agency Erasmus+ is among the promoters of the international conference “Training 2020: music and knowledge” scheduled online from 2 to 4 December.

The event is included in the agenda of the Farulli 100 celebrations, organised throughout 2020 in honour of the 100 years since the birth of Piero Farulli, musician and founder of the Fiesole’s Music school and great promoter of the value of musical experience as an aid to acquiring knowledge and for the development of both the individual and society.

The December’s event, which is the final event of the year dedicated to Farulli, aims to stress the role of music in training, in order to raise awareness in public opinion and politics on the key role played by music practice in people’s development.

The three-day online event foresees the participation of high-profile speakers, including the two neuroscientists Jean Pierre Changeux and Katrin Amunts, the violinists Salvatore Accardo and Pavel Vernikov, the conductor Riccardo Muti, the professor Luigi Berlinguer, the concert player and artistic director of the Fiesole School of Music, Alexander Lonquich and the Magnificent rector of the University of Florence, Luigi Dei.

The Erasmus+ agency will take part on 3 December with its coordinator, Sara Pagliai who is going to present the data of strategic partnerships which put music at the core of their activities as a training tool for students and teachers. On the same day the project “The different colours of music” will be presented. This is the Erasmus+ strategic partnership carried out by the lower secondary school “G.Bianco – G.Pascoli” of Fasano di Puglia which developed the theme of music as a learning tool for disabled and special needs children.

Participation is free of charge but advanced booking is mandatory.


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