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11 febbraio 2021

The small schools at the International conference of the Association of Teacher Educators

ATE (Association of Teacher Educators) is the American association gathering together all those dealing with teacher training, and up to today it has 1,300 members. Founded in 1920, it has been active for long in supporting the professional development of teachers through research and field experimentation.

The association organises an annual conference which over the years has become e very important international appointment: on this occasion, experts from universities, research bodies and organisations operating in the field of education have the opportunity to discuss, exchange ideas and reflect on the prospects for improvement and innovation of the quality of teaching.

The 2021 edition will take place online from 14 to 17 February and will be dedicated to the theme of collaboration and cooperation in support of inclusion, equity and excellence in teacher education.

Among the interventions scheduled, on Monday 15 February (5:00 pm) there will be a Symposium held by the Indire researchers who work with the Small Schools.

Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione, Laura Parigi, Michelle Pieri, Stefania Chipa and Giusy Cannella, accepting the invitation of ATE to participate, will lead a Symposium entitled Multi-Classes and Multi-Level Classes in Small Schools. Innovation and Differentiation Laboratories with the moderation of Davide Parmigiani, Associate Professor at the University of Genoa and President of ATE-Europe.

The researchers will present the research experimentation they are conducting with the small schools of the Movement in support of quality education and will illustrate the training workshops organized in recent years for teachers of institutes located in isolated and peripheral areas.


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