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25 febbraio 2021

Innovating Philosophy and History teaching, the appointments at Didacta Fair Italy

Philosophy as a tool to train thinking skills in the logic of coding, but also as a tool to get students closer to civic education and innovate the didactics of other disciplines, or as a strategy to contrast youngsters’ linguistic impoverishment. But how should we teach it for it to have concrete educational value?

And as far as history is concerned, which are nowadays the opportunities teachers have to teach it in an increasingly active, dynamic and interdisciplinary manner?

These are some of the thinking paths on philosophy and history teaching which Didacta Fair Italy proposes in its fourth edition which is going to take palace entirely online from the next 16 to 19 March.


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DIDACTA FAIR ITALY 2021 – ONLINE from 16 to 19 March

Registrations for the fourth edition of Didacta Fair Italy, the most important national event dedicated to school innovation, are open. The scientific programme encompasses over 160 events including conferences, immersive workshops and seminars on methodologies and tools for innovative teaching, school organization, school subjects and curricula. To participate in Didacta Fair 2021 it is necessary to register online, consult the scientific programme and select the activities of interest, completing the procedure by purchasing the ticket directly on the portal, also by using the teacher’s card.


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