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2 marzo 2021

eTwinning 2021 Spring campaign has arrived

From 1 March to 5 April, eTwinners have a dedicated area in the platform to get inspired for the creation of new projects on media literacy and disinformation, that is eTwinning 2021 theme.

The spring campaign is addressed not only to those already experienced with the European community but also to newcomers who will have the opportunity to discover the befits of collaborative teaching among the schools of all Europe.

Thanks to this initiative eTwinners will have the chance to create activities online for their students, also including for the various subthemes (fake news, media literacy, digital fingerprints and digital citizenship).

Teachers will have at their disposal activities, resources and online events to inform and enhance awareness on this year’s theme.

The next scheduled online appointments are:

  • March 9: Media literacy and the role of cultural awareness
  • March 22: Lie detectors
  • March 23: BIK Youth Ambassadors


How to participate?

Log in to eTwinning Live, look for the banner dedicated to the Campaign and visit the eTwinning Group: Media Literacy and Disinformation.


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