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4 marzo 2021

EUN Academy: the new free course on digital literacy and online safety

EUN Academy, the teachers’ training platform of European Schoolnet, promotes the free online open access course in English “Digital Literacy and Online Safety: How the Pandemic Tested Our Skills”.

This course organised by European schoolnet on behalf of the European Commission, as part of the project Better Internet for Kids, aims to develop knowledge and tools necessary to help students to identify and tackle online threats, such as cyberbullying, age-inappropriate contents, online scams and other types of disinformation.

The issue is very current and of great importance, especially now that the health emergency gives central stage to online teaching and online communication.

The course, divided in 4 modules for a total of 16 hours is organised as follows:

  • Module 1: How did the pandemic affect online life?
  • Module 2: Digital literacy and disinformation
  • Module 3: Online scams
  • Module 4: Healthy relationships with technology and the internet

Lessons will start on 19 April and will finish on 26 May 2021.


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