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Ricerca per l'innovazione della scuola italiana


5 marzo 2021

School restarts through Didacta Fair, online from 16 to 19 March

Didacta 2021 will be a special entirely online edition. The most important national training event on teaching will gather together the main experts of the school world of our country, for four days (from 16-19 March).

Together with Firenze Fiera, Indire and the ministry of Education, the ministry of University and research and the other members of the organising committee, teachers, headteachers, educators, trainers and a hundred leading companies in the sectors of school, school building, environment and technology, will take action to synergically develop new approaches and innovative solutions to support the Italian school system, in the light of the global pandemic emergency.

On Tuesday 16 march at 2 pm, the opening ceremony will start with the greetings of the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi for whom: “Didacta is now an appointment for all the school world. This year it must be something more, it must be the moment when school comes back into the heart of everyone. This is our commitment”.



Following, at the opening of the fair, the concert of the Galilei Orchestra of the Fiesole Music School in live streaming, with music by Wolfgang Rihm, Arvo Pärt and Ottorino Respighi.

In the 2021 edition there are 160 training events in the scientific programme and there are more than 200, organized by organizations and companies, to which it is still possible to participate by registering online at the link https://fieradidacta.indire.it/it/programma.

Among the novelties of this edition, the “Didacta in class” project: for the first time teachers will be able to participate with the students of their classes in some of the scheduled events.

“Doing, not just trying: new ideas for educational leadership” is the free initiative of the head teachers for the virtual meeting with companies, to participate in training events focusing on the new scenarios that are changing schools.

There will be many guests and illustrious speakers at the event. Starting with the virologist Ilaria Capua, who on Wednesday 17 March, at 11 am, will present “The secret journey of the virus”, a reflection dedicated to children to discover the smallest, spiteful and surprising creatures in the universe.

On Thursday 18 March, from 5 to 7 pm, Enrico Letta, former president of the Council of Ministers, head of the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, a great expert and scholar of the European Union, will participate in the conference “Education for active citizenship” (economic and digital European citizenship) together with a team of experts including Magda Bianco (Head of the Department for Customer Protection and Financial Education of the Bank of Italy).

This new edition of Didacta Italia will also be an opportunity for budding young talents. This is the case of Linda Raimondo, the “space” girl, born in 1999, aspiring astronaut and physics student at the University of Turin, who, on Friday 19 March at 11 am, together with the physicist Massimo Temporelli, will talk about “Science, Dreams, Stem subjects and Future”.

The programme of the Fair offers numerous training opportunities, with types of activities aimed at head teachers, teachers of infant, primary, first and secondary level schools, on topical issues, with a view to the future of the school system.

On 16 March at 2 pm, there will be the conference on the “Innovation Library”, the online environment that will be officially launched by Indire, where videos on didactic innovation at school made by the Institute, by other public Italian research bodies and schools, will be made available.  The goal is a guided sharing activity of good practices and experiences of teachers and schools. Among the other contents proposed by Indire, Service Learning will be discussed both in the conference on March 16 “Learning to Become: anticipating the educational scenarios of the future”, and in a series of immersive workshops aimed at teachers of the first and second school cycles.

The theme of civic education will be at the centre of some laboratory activities during which cutting-edge methodologies applied to new lexical forms, philosophy and educational innovation will be used: good practices to be repeated in primary and secondary schools. Furthermore, there is scheduled a conference on ITS, the Higher Technical Institutes that have activated virtuous forms of distance training and collaboration with companies.

To participate in Didacta it is necessary to register through the website https://fieradidacta.indire.it/it/programma. By purchasing the ticket, you can book 2 scientific programme events valid for the issuing of the certificate of attendance, and you will have the opportunity to participate for free in all the conferences and special events promoted by the exhibiting organizations and companies.



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