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9 marzo 2021

First Epale 2021 online discussion on the thematic focuses of this year

The first Epale online discussion of 2021 will focus on the new thematic focuses. As explained in this blog, this year the thematic focuses will revolve around three main themes, namely:

  • Skills for life, work and personal well-being, to encourage adult participation and learning
  • Digital transition and blended learning opportunities
  • Inclusive social change for sustainability and equity

Epale will contribute to these issues throughout the year, exploring their various forms, applications and useful experiences, and monitoring their development and evolutions. The goal of the online discussion is to contextualize the issues in the light of future prospects for adult education.

All Epale subscribers are invited to contribute and enrich the discussion with their points of view by participating on Tuesday 9 March from 10 to 16 in the forum moderated by Epale’s European experts.

The page is already open to comments, to introduce yourself and share useful links for the discussion, and will remain available for consultation of the contributions also later.

The discussion will be introduced by a live video report at 10.00, by Gina EbnerEuropean Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA).


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