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12 marzo 2021

Didacta Fair: a journey into virtual worlds

In his video, the Indire technologist, Andrea Benassi, expert in immersive education, presents to us, all the appointments that the online edition of Fiera Didacta 2021, scheduled from 16 to 19 March, dedicates to virtual worlds.

Starting on Wednesday 17 at 3 pm with the workshop for primary teachers “At school with Minecraft”, we will talk about this most popular video game, used effectively for some years at school, as part of the curriculum. “It is a world in which it is possible to do things that have a meaning for school education, not necessarily just playing”, explains Andrea Benassi who will be the moderator of the event together with the teachers Simonetta Anelli and Monica Boccoli, and the psychologist and psychotherapist Daniele Paolini. Also on Wednesday 17, but at 6pm, the second appointment, this time for secondary school teachers is entitled “edMondo: the virtual world for teaching”. The workshop will be dedicated to edMondo, the virtual world developed by Indire specifically for schools, almost ten years ago, and used today by thousands of teachers and students. The event will be led by Andrea Benassi (Indire), the teacher Maria Messere and Heike Philp, expert in language teaching in virtual worlds.

During the seminar scheduled for Friday 19 March at 1.30 pm, “Learning languages ​​in virtual worlds”, a series of possibilities for using virtual worlds for language teaching will be highlighted. We will also talk about the European project “Guinevere”, which came to its conclusion last year and, together with Heike Philp and the Indire researchers, Letizia Cinganotto and Andrea Benassi, we will be presented with the results of a large-scale experimentation of English language teaching using virtual worlds. To cnclude, on the 19th at 11.30, there will be the presentation of the book “At school with Minecraft”, edited by Andrea Benassi and created in collaboration with teachers and experts who have been using immersive teaching for years.



All the events grant an attendance certificate.


DIDACTA FAIR ITALY 2021 – ONLINE from 16 to 19 March

Registrations for the fourth edition of Didacta Fair Italy, the most important national event dedicated to school innovation, are open. The scientific programme encompasses over 160 events including conferences, immersive workshops and seminars on methodologies and tools for innovative teaching, school organization, school subjects and curricula. To participate in Didacta Fair 2021 it is necessary to register online, consult the scientific programme and select the activities of interest, completing the procedure by purchasing the ticket directly on the portal, also by using the Teacher’s card.


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